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Anonymous asked : to be honest. i got a heart attack reading your statement to be on hiatus /forever/ ive been following your blog & keep up to the updates everyday. i came to beastvids everyday & sometimes i really think that you're too nice & how can you keep up w linking & finding all those beast related. & I STILL hoping beastvids wont die, i'll forever will. i know you have life & you are a human too. & we understand the exhaustion to provide all these vids. we love you okay ! ♡

aww sweety… indefinite doesn’t exactly mean /forever/, it just means for an unknown length of time. I just need some time off right now, and I don’t know how long. But I’m obsessed so I might come back… I mean… even today I just posted the new MV cause i was itching to share it with you guys hehe, so there’s hope.
Thank you for you sweet message <3 

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danseurderue asked : i know it's impossible to not be affected by those insensitive words brainless people can sprout when you have put in a lot of effort and time for the fans, but please know that most of us understand the reason why you left! don't feel bad <3

sobs… thank you for understanding…

i really do wanna go back to beastvids you know… watching beast videos and not sharing them is weird for me now. But then i remember how tiring it is to keep the blog perfectly up to date all the time, and i just feel tired again. If only i had 48 hours in a day. =(

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— Seriously… What is your problem??



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to the person this post is about. u know who you are lets not pretend that you’re not a cunt. okay just to be clear i was the one who called you out on twitter

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— Seriously… What is your problem??
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